Go from ChatGPT clueless to confident in just four days.

AI is revolutionizing the work world. Don’t get left behind.

Two jam-packed mini-courses, one geared to writers & editors, and one for entrepreneurs.

It’s the tool of the future, but when I use it, the results are meh.

Let us show you how to do it right. Whether you’ve:

– never touched it

– dabble in using ChatGPT but aren’t impressed with the results

– been hoping it would boost your productivity but it hasn’t

This course is for you!

The AI Edge

brings you

The ChatGPT Launchpad

In four easy-to-digest modules, you’ll learn to:

Equip yourself today with the skills of tomorrow!

Meet your Instructor

Bassi Gruen brings 19 years of intense experience as a writer and editor to the courses. Bassi has published hundreds of articles and editing thousands more. Here, she utilizes the power of language to coax powerful results from ChatGPT – and with her hands-on approach she’ll show you how to do the same. Join Bassi Gruen on an exhilirating four-day journey and transform the way you work. 

What you'll get in the course

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